Achieving the most energy efficient design possible

For architect Ric Butt, the design was all about how to use the block, achieve the most energy efficient design possible and how the garden could be experienced from every room in the house. From his first visit, Ric could see that there was an opportunity to establish a connection between the front entry and the view through to the rear northern garden. The angled design provided two triangular spaces, a cool southern one for summer and a warm northern one for winter.

Our highly insulated thermal house with northern glazing that disappears into the landscape

Based on the timeless Millennium Design, this beautiful house uses our highly insulated Thermal Panels, slab, northern glazing and fans to achieve minimal heating and no cooling is necessary. As the planting matures the house will disappear into the landscape.

Rock Wall House in Relax Magazine

The Canberra Times recently published a great article on the ‘Rock Wall House’.

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Thermal mass significantly reduces energy usage in residential buildings and provides the ability to maintain a comfortable internal temperature in a house with no mechanical cooling and minimal mechanical heating.

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Our highly insulated thermal house

Rockwall House

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