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‘Sustainable buildings meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.’

At Strine Environments, we are unrivalled in our ability to provide leading edge passive solar design that eliminates the need for cooling and virtually eliminates the need for heating in a building.

Thermal Mass

Fundamental to a Strine designed building
are  our four principles

Orientation – each site has its own particular requirements and seasonal variations. Our buildings have the best orientation to achieve the optimum performance in summer and winter.

Thermal Mass – our Thermal Panels and concrete floors provide exceptional thermal mass helping maintain year round constant internal temperatures in the extremes of hot and cold climates.

Insulation – high-level insulation in our thermal wall panels and ceilings, as well as surrounding the edge of the floor slab ensures thermal isolation from external extremes of temperature.

Glazing – correct glazing is vital  for this type of design allowing calculated levels of light and heat for optimum themas comfort.

We're renowned for building sustainable and affordable green architect designed homes to reduce energy costs within the wide-ranging Canberra climate to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Strine Environments

We design and construct buildings eliminating cooling costs and heating needs are a bare minimum reducing ongoing emissions from the building.

– Ric Butt

Using our principles, as well as a range of unique building products and technologies developed in-house, we create contemporary and spacious buildings built for the Canberra climate, which offer the ultimate in health, comfort and sustainability. Our green energy buildings deliver a more balanced life for our clients.

They often tell us living in a Strine building makes them feel part of the environment around them thanks to the integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

They feel they are giving something back because they are drawing less energy from the environment, their home/work environment is healthier and they feel they are contributing to a positive future for the planet  And of course, they love having either no – or minimal – heating bills in winter as well as absolutely no cooling bills in summer!

Thanks to our 30 years experience as a leader in sustainable design and construction, we know how to deliver beautiful living environments that are sustainable. Our clients get the best of both worlds – they do their bit to save the environment while also saving money on energy bills. And at Strine, we are proud to be building a legacy for future generations.

Our success

Our brand is built on these three pillars to provide quality and seamless delivery:


Design your dream home or commercial building today.

Strine Environments offers a traditional architectural service as well as partial service depending on the complexity of client requirements, the structure, site, budget and overall size of the project. We do not charge on a percentage basis establishing a written fee proposal based on the tasks and time involved. We offer tender services as well as building services.

Design & Build

A seamless package with Architecture available.

We design and build according to our principles of excellence in design, sustainability and buildability. We build our own unique Thermal Panels and use these to construct our buildings. Thermal Panel buildings offer unbeatable thermal mass, almost zero maintenance and using these help avoid the need for cooling and almost any heating.

Our own Precast

Bush fire resistant, sustainable and cost-effective concrete precast.

Our unique modular designs and prefabricated sustainable modular homes are our own designed and made by us. Architect designed and flexible enough to adjust to site and function. They take approximately 13 weeks to build and one week to install onsite, and can be deconstructed if needed.

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Science of the sun

We’ve crafted principles of passive solar design with our very own developed insulated precast concrete panels, thermal mass walls and slab edge insulation.

Insulated homes

We are one of Australia’s foremost environmental design and construction practitioners, offering clients a seamless and environmentally built home that doesn’t cost the earth.

Fast Turnaround & Affordable

Using our insulated concrete tilt walls we can have your house erected in a matter of weeks. We build a range of sized dwellings from 2 bedroom Eco Modular homes from as low as $250,000.

Green Design

We work with the environment rather than against it, utilising the microclimate that comes with every site.

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