Strine Design – Ric Butt
Strine Construction

3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Study
North Facing Orientation

Budget at time of build



O’Connor, ACT



Addition & Alteration
Low Energy Rating EER 6.5 stars (Old and new)
Passive Solar
Precast Concrete – Strine Precast
Living Area
House 192 m²
Carport 19 m²
North pergola 38m²
Rear Verandah 22m²

A seamless extension meeting past and present nestled amongst the leafy streets of O’Connor

Stepping inside the new precast concrete additions to the traditional red brick home makes for a modernised retreat that feels like a relaxed hotel lobby of a private faraway escape.

Nestled in the collected interiors of intellect and travel we find the caress of secret environments where timber louvred room dividers play with light and comfort cocooned in sustainability principles.

Based on the timeless Millennium Design, this beautiful addition uses our highly insulated precast thermal panels, slab, northern glazing, fans to achieve minimal heating and cooling and Northern entertaining areas to expand the experience of the home by integrating into alfresco living.

In the process of upgrading the new additions, we optimised the existing red brick home, improving the energy efficiency, comfort and abundant light brought into key living spaces.

House size 192m² (91m² Addition), single carport, northern pergola and south verandah.

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Building envelope materials

  • Floor: Earth coupled, exposed burnished concrete slab 200mm thick, with 50mm perimeter and edge insulation
  • Walls: precast concrete sandwich panels, R3.9
  • Roof: timber framed, steel corrugated roofing, plasterboard ceiling
  • Glazing: Double glazing, uPVC frames U4.3, SHGC 0.6;
  • Insulation: XPS to floor and walls; R6.0 fibreglass for ceiling/roof construction
  • Sealing, air tightness: all floor/wall/ceiling joints, windows and doors are mastic sealed, all exhaust fans with auto-baffles: typical 3-5 AC/hr


  • Electricity: 3kW 10 panel PV, grid connected
  • In-Slab electric: to bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen
  • Sewer: dual black and grey water pipe provision for possible grey water recycling
  • Water: regulation 4000L rain water tank
  • Hot water: heat pump electric
  • HVAC, heating/cooling: ceiling fans to Main Bedroom and Dining Room; in slab electric heating to wet areas, Kitchen and Study; fresh air vent to fridge condenser coil
  • Lighting: all LED

Discover our Millennium Home

What are the Benefits of a Millennium home?

• Low Energy consumption
• Low Cost
• Low Maintenance
• Sustainability
• Speed on delivery time

These modules are the outcome of decades of research and are built to last:

• Heavy weight using our unique highly insulated thermal precast concrete panels
• Bush fire resistant meeting most council requirements
• Have been designed to expand as your family changes and grows
• Allergy free finishes options available
• Thermal panels provide high acoustic privacy
• Fast delivery and installation

What are the Standard Inclusions?

• Highly insulated sandwich constructed precast concrete walls
• Highly insulated burnished and sealed concrete floors
• Lofty raked ceilings
• Ceiling fans
• Fly-screens
• Quality joinery, fittings and appliances throughout

What are the Optional Extras?

• lnslab heating to south
• Terrace & pergola slabs
• Northern steel pergola
• Rainwater tank
• Photovoltaic solar electricity system
• Solar hot water system

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