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3 storeys
Northern Ocean Liner bow
for views and entertaining

4 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
4 Car Garage + Store rooms & Workshop
Entertaining views + Outdoor living



  • Pending
  • Low Energy
  • Low Maintenance
  • Sustainability
  • High thermal mass (all floors & walls, internal as well as external
  • Mass Effect balustrade walls inside all Northern glazing

A retirement house that is modern, demonstrates best practice, leading edge, environmental design and is low maintenance

Progress on our environmentally designed 3-storey home with a unique twist.

Posted by Strine Environments on Monday, 28 September 2020
The Jerrabomberra Boathouse - First Construction update

Here's our first construction update on the epic 3-storey green warehouse designed home. A unique project nestled in the hills of Jerrabomberra.

Posted by Strine Environments on Monday, 28 September 2020

The client brief requires a retirement house that is modern, demonstrates best practice, leading edge, environmental design and is low maintenance. The house is to capitalise on its location and views and suit easy entertainment for family gatherings. The construction is to feature natural materials including concrete, glass and steel in a semi-industrial style.

  • The primary opportunities of the site are the possibilities of Northern orientation across the centre of the site and the dramatic views to Black Mountain and Mt Ainslie to the North West and North.
  • Locating the house across the centre of the site also aligns it to the contours, minimising cut and fill on the block.

The design rationale is to create a modernist, minimalist, leading edge passive solar building that significantly reduces any need for heating or cooling. This is achieved by a strong orientation to True, Solar, North in the design, and significant areas of glazing to the North.  Good cross ventilation is achieved by the narrower North-South dimension, the capacity to open up the building on its North and South sides, and the 3 storey design that helps create natural stack ventilation through the staircases to the central upper floor Living area.

The North facade is to feature a nautical theme, reflecting the Owners successful maritime engineering business.

The primary bulk of the 3 storey building runs East-West to capitalise on the site opportunities for Northern orientation and views, allowing easy cross ventilation and visual linkages with the external environment from within the building.

The East and West facades are minimised with smaller window openings, to achieve both summer sun protection as well as privacy from adjoining blocks. Windows on these elevations all have blockout shutters.

The 3 storey design utilises the main environmental features of the block to achieve winter sun penetration and summer sun protection for alternative Northern winter and Southern summer private open spaces. The latter is achieved by the terrace verandahs opening off the living areas to the South at each level.

Under construction

Discover our unique take on our green Warehouse Home

What are the Benefits of a Passive solar home?

• Low Energy
• Low Cost
• Low Maintenance
• Sustainability
• Speed on delivery time

These modules are the outcome of decades of research and are built to last:

• Heavy weight using our unique highly insulated thermal panels*
• Fire resistant meeting most council requirements
• Have been designed to expand as your family changes and grows
• Are de-constructable in case you need to move or relocate
• Allergy free finishes options available
• Thermal panels provide high acoustic privacy
• Fast delivery and installation

What are the Standard Inclusions?

• Highly insulated sandwich constructed precast concrete walls
• Highly insulated burnished and sealed concrete floors
• Lofty raked ceilings
• Ceiling fans
• Fly-screens
• Quality joinery, fittings and appliances throughout

What are the Optional Extras?

• lnslab heating to south
• Terrace & pergola slabs
• Northern steel pergola
• Rainwater tank
• Photovoltaic solar electricity system
• Solar hot water system

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