Strine Design
Strine Construction

2 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
2 Carport
North Facing Pergolas

Budget at time of build




Solstice II
Low Energy
Passive Solar
Living Area
120 m²

Plus Carport, Pergolas and Balconies

Small, Sustainable and Beautiful

Designed to show that quality is more important than quantity of space! The Solstice House is an innovative sustainable living solution based on a unique model that integrates architectural design, prefabricated precast concrete and environmental construction. The house is ultra energy efficient with significantly lower running and maintenance cost over the lifetime of the house as compared with the standard Australian home.

Ideal for inner city development, dual occupancy, weekender or retirement home, the Solstice House will maintain an average temperature of ~22°c all year round, even on the longest and shortest days of the year.

Discover our Solstice Home

What are the Benefits of a Solstice II home?

• Low Energy
• Low Cost
• Low Maintenance
• Sustainability
• Speed on delivery time

These modules are the outcome of decades of research and are built to last:

• Heavy weight using our unique highly insulated thermal panels*
• Fire resistant meeting most council requirements
• Have been designed to expand as your family changes and grows
• Are de-constructable in case you need to move or relocate
• Allergy free finishes options available
• Thermal panels provide high acoustic privacy
• Fast delivery and installation

What are the Standard Inclusions?

  • Highly insulated precast concrete sandwich walls
  • Highly insulated burnished and sealed concrete floors
  • Lofty raked ceilings
  • Ceiling fans
  • Flyscreens
  • Quality joinery, fittings and appliances throughout
  • Lofts

What are the Optional Extras?

  • lnslab heating to south
  • Solar chimney
  • Northern steel pergola
  • Southern verandah
  • Rainwater tank
  • Photovoltaic solar electricity system
  • Heat pump hot water system
  • Loft Windows

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