Kambah, ACT


  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Energy Rating: 6.6 Star (Single glazing),
    7.6 Star (Double glazing)
  • Low Cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • Sustainability
  • Fast Production

These ecologically sustainable, modular and climate proof homes

have been designed to fit on a truck in prefabricated modules and can be delivered anywhere.

Perfect for a weekend getaway, retirement downsizing, granny flats and secondary dwellings, our eco modular homes are compact enough to fit into the back yard of many suburban blocks as well as being ideal for rural properties. We have pared the size and costs back while maintaining our four core sustainability principles to achieve optimum thermal performance requiring minimum heating and cooling.

Reduce your energy bills and ecological footprint with the option to live grid free. We have a floor plan range to suit every budget and cover everything from studio living to four bedroom options.

Eco Modular Home – Gallery

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What are the Benefits of an Eco Modular home?

• Low Energy Consumption
• Low Cost
• Low Maintenance
• Sustainability
• Speed on delivery time

These modules are the outcome of decades of research and are built to last:

• Heavy weight using our unique highly insulated precast concrete thermal panels
• Bush fire resistant meeting National building code requirements
• Have been designed to expand as your family changes and grows
• Allergy free finishes options available
• Precast concrete thermal panels provide high acoustic privacy
• Fast delivery and installation

What are the Standard Inclusions?

• Highly insulated precast concrete sandwich walls
• Highly insulated burnished and sealed concrete floors
• Raked ceilings
• Fly-screens
• Quality joinery, fittings and appliances throughout

What are the Optional Extras?

• lnslab heating to south
• Terrace & pergola slabs
• Northern steel pergola
• Rainwater tank
• Photovoltaic solar electricity system
• Solar hot water system

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